Our First Home

Our First Home

Thursday, September 2, 2010

My First Blog

Hello! I'm Miriam, 22 years old and have decided to start blogging mainly because of the interesting stories i have to tell regarding my experiences as a nurse. I'll also add blogs about my personal life, too :)  A lot of changes have occurred in 2010 for me - it has been quite a transition. Some of the changes are major while others aren't. In January I started my career as a Registered Nurse. In March I purchased my first home and then got married on May 15 and moved into my new house and out of my parents house for the first time. We then went on my honeymoon to Cancun, Mexico which was my first time out of the country (not a big thing but still!) In August I went on my first cruise to the Caribbean to celebrate my parents 25th Wedding Anniversary with family and friends.2010 has been a big year so far :) I hope to update and blog at least weekly so that I can keep some sort of documentation of whats going on in my life..... i probably won't remember much 20 years from now!

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